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A listing on this website does not constitute an endorsement in the least, of any business, service, service organization or person. Nor of any advertiser. It is the responsibility of viewers to ensure their safety and take measures against being defrauded.

Businesses Listings and Advertisements

Anyone listing a business or advertising on this site or who seeks to do so, (“Poster”), is acknowledging that the site and all of its contents are the private property of Shop Online Network LLC (“Owner”). Listing on this site is done at the discretion of the business owner. Changes can be made by the owner at will. Any content can be accepted or rejected, or categorized at will. No inference made from any other clause will overrides this clause.

The Poster agrees that no responsibility will be assigned the Owner as a consequence of having listed or advertised on this site. The Poster agrees to use their discretion as to safety issues arising out of publicity.

By causing any content to be posted on this website, the Poster agrees that any claims against the Owner arising from that act shall never be in excess of what was accepted in payment by the Owner for the listing or advertisement.

The Poster certifies that they have the owner's authorization to use any images in any capacity. They agree to accept repsonsibilty for images used that breach copyright laws and indemnify the Owner for any costs that will incur from breach of those laws.  

Pictures that accompany business listings may well be removed at will. The Poster is advised that this may well happen due to the cost of hosting excessive memory for the site, which for which insufficient monetary recuperation is being received from advertising. (But that is not the extent of reasons why the owner may remove a picture as mentioned in other clauses.)

The Poster agrees that the Owner reserves the right to have any claims made against them heard either by arbitration or in court. Claims made in court will be subject to jurisdiction of the State of New York.

The Poster agrees not to change, or try to change, the target viewer of this website from as conceived by the Owner. The target audience of the website is the shomer Shabbos population of Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Being that this website is the property of the Owner, the Poster agrees not to seek to post any content that reflects any belief system, value, religious practice that the Owner does not believe in, or content that may be offensive to the target audience, or that may make the target audience feel exposed to unwanted political, religious or cultural content.

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